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TT SUbD v2.1.7 for Sketchup 2021

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TT SUbD v2.1.7 for Sketchup 2021
TT SUbD v2.1.7 for Sketchup 2021 | 10.3 Mb

Subdivide quads in SketchUp.Parametric subdivision.Optimized for quad-meshes. Perfect for organic modelling.

Why Work with Quads?
When you have a mesh based on quads it add a lot of benefits. The mesh becomes more regular and predictable. The grid structure that comes from quads provide meshes with directions of flow.
Tools can follow an edge and select loops in a predictable order.
Or they can select every opposite edge, making a ring selection.
UV mapping is also easier - the grid makes the mesh easier to map seamless texture mapping.

Working with Quads in SketchUp
When working with quad based meshes you quickly discover the need for quads where the vertices aren't coplanar.
In SketchUp this can be a challenge because SketchUp's Auto-Fold feature will break a quad into two triangles once it's vertices isn't coplanar any more.
To allow extensions to work with quads that are not coplanar they need to be able to determine which pair of triangles represent a quad. There is no official standard for this, but the de-facto standard is the QuadFace Tools type of quads.
The definition of a QuadFace Tools quad is that two triangles share an edge which is soft and smooth - with Cast Shadows turned off.
It is highly recommended that you also install QuadFace Tools to assist in creating quad based meshes for subdividing with SUbD. I is a core tool for creating ideal geometry that subdivide well.

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Comments (10)

  1. Johan | from 20 January 2022 12:45

    Sir, where i paste the crack?

    1. Admin | from 20 January 2022 15:04

      copy "SUbD.lic" file and paste Install Folder

  2. Ars | from 13 April 2022 13:23

    1. Can this work on SketchUp 2019?

    1. Admin | from 14 April 2022 13:53

      Just work on 2021 version download current version

  3. Ars | from 15 April 2022 12:04

    Please can you send me a read note or even a message or video that will direct me on how to crack. I've tried several times on SketchUp 2021 it's not still cracking it. Thanks very much!

    1. keygenbook | from 16 April 2022 02:10

      We will let you know soon.....

  4. Ars | from 28 April 2022 15:51

    Hello I'm still waiting for a note or video on how to crack subd

    1. keygenbook | from 28 April 2022 16:45

      I don't have a sketchup installed. You can use this method
      Choose Window → Preferences.
      Select "Extensions."
      Click Install Extension and choose your "TT_SUbD-2.1.7" RBZ file from the open dialog.

  5. Ars | from 30 April 2022 16:33

    Thankyou. So this method doesn't need to crack the extension? Where should I put the licence file and stages folder?

  6. keygenbook | from 1 May 2022 05:11

    Try pasting the version you have installed into this 
    "Sketchup 2021" folder

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