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Autodesk Maya 2022 + Offline Help
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Updated: Added Autodesk Maya 2022 Linux & devkit with help

Autodesk has released Maya 2022, a major update to its 3D modelling and animation software, introducing "full USD integration" and adding support for key pipeline technologies like Python 3 and OCIO 2.

Pipeline integration: new USD plugin, support for Python 3 and OCIO 2
The headline change in Maya 2022 is "full integration" of the Pixar-developed Universal Scene Description (USD) system, now widely adopted in visual effects and feature animation pipelines.

USD support has been available to Maya users since 2019 via Maya USD, an open-source plugin developed jointly by Autodesk, Pixar and VFX houses Animal Logic, Blue Sky Studios and Luma Pictures.

The main change in Maya 2022 is that the plugin has now advanced far enough for compiled binaries to be bundled with the software, rather than users having to build it from the GitHub repo.

Autodesk describes it as enabling artists to "load multiple gigabytes of data within seconds", edit the assets using Maya's native tools, the export the results in USD format again.

The implementation provides "robust referencing functionality, nondestructive data editing workflows, and support for complex variants on top of USD", although support for cameras and lights is still "very limited".

There are also still restrictions to USD stage creation, layer handling and support for Hydra render delegates. You can find a full list of USD limitations here.

The release also introduces support for two other important pipeline standards: Python 3 and OCIO 2 (OpenColorIO 2), both specified by the current CY2021 spec for the VFX Reference Platform.

Although a number of other VFX software developers have introduced support for Python 3 in their products, Maya is the first major app we're aware of to support version 2 of OpenColorIO.

Modelling: new Create VR app lets concept designers sketch in virtual reality
The biggest change to the modelling tools available in Maya 2022 is Create VR: a separate virtual reality modelling app aimed at concept design work.

It provides alternative to free third-party tools like Adobe's Medium, Oculus's Quill or Gravity Sketch, and provides a set of "simple curve and surface tools" for exploring shapes.

The resulting rough 3D sketches can then be exported to Maya or other DCC applications.

Modelling: new Sweep Mesh system and Game Vertex Count plugin
Within the core software, the main new modelling feature is Sweep Mesh, which generates a 3D mesh by sweeping a cross-section along a guide curve, in a similar way to 3ds Max's Sweep Modifier.

Users can choose a range of readymade cross-sections, including polygons and curve segements, or use a custom profile curve; and there are a standard set of control parameters.

Game artists get a new Game Vertex Count plugin which shows the vertex count an object will generate after being exported to Unity or Unreal Engine, helping to manage in-game vertex budgets more accurately.

There are also a number of smaller workflow improvements to pivot snapping, extrusion and scene transforms, and lasso selection is now faster. You can find a full list in the online changelog.

Rigging: new Component Tags system and changes to deformer falloff
There are also what Autodesk describes as new "procedural topology-independent rigging workflows".

A new system of Component Tags makes it possible to create named groups of vertices, edges or faces, as shown above, then use expressions to control which deformers act on those parts of a mesh.

The groups are node-independent and tag membership can be modified on the fly.

The update also changes the way in which Maya handles falloff for deformers. The changes are quite difficult to summarise, but should make it quicker to set up and edit falloff effects.

Rigging: new Solidify and Morph deformers
In addition, there are two new deformers: Solidify and Morph.

Solidify, shown in the image above, makes it possible to define areas on a mesh more resistant to deformation, such as rigid parts of clothing like buttons, or the spikes on the monster's tail.

Morph is described as "like a GPU-accelerated version" of the blend shape deformer, and can be used to apply shape-based deformation to a mesh: for example, for facial animation.

Animation: new Ghosting Editor, plus updates to the Graph Editor and cached playback system
New animation features include the new Ghosting Editor, which makes it possible to control the appearance of motion ghosts on a global basis, rather than having to edit the attributes for each mesh individually.

In the image above, it can be seen in use to set up separate colours for previous and succeeding frames of animation for the bubbles rising up between the octopus's tentacles.

The Graph Editor gets a new Peak Removal Filter to clean up noisy animation data, removing unwanted spikes from animation curves in the same way as its namesake in MotionBuilder.

A separate Smooth filter (Gaussian) option automatically removes jittering and noise in curve channels.

Workflow improvements new options for preserving curve tangents and for Time Slider bookmarks, and a new Additive blending mode for animation clips in the Time Editor.

In addition, the cached playback system for playing back animations interactively rather than rendering Playblasts can now be used with the Time Editor and combined with GPU deformation.

The option to use cached playback for simulations introduced in Maya 2020 is also now on by default.

Improvements to start-up behaviour and plugin security
Other performance and workflow improvements include changes to start up.

In addition to making start up faster, Maya no longer steals focus from other applications, making it possible to carry on working; and now only displays its UI once it is actually possible to interact with it.

It is also now possible to flag specific commands or plugin locations to be blocked when Maya loads them in the Preferences window, helping to load files received from untested sources more safely.

Plugins: updates to Bifrost for Maya, MtoA and Substance for Maya
Outside the core software, the Bifrost for Maya multiphysics plugin gets a few important new features, following a major update in Maya 2020.4.

The new version, Bifrost for Maya 2.2.1, makes it possible to resume a simulation from a cached frame on disk, and to enhance detail in Aero smoke and gaseous fluids after simulation.

The Maya to Arnold plugin has also been updated with MtoA 4.2.1, adding support for the new features introduced in Arnold 6.2 earlier this year, including the new post effects nodes like the Light Mixer.

According to the release notes, both the Substance for Maya plugin, and the integration plugin for the Rokoko mocap library added in Maya 2020.1 have also been updated.
This page lists issues fixed in the Maya 2022 release. If you are upgrading from Maya 2020, please note that this release also includes fixes delivered in the Maya 2020.1, Maya 2020.2, Maya 2020.3, and Maya 2020.4 updates.

Files are saved with "-nan(ind)" values, breaking scene when re-opening MAYA-88829
Custom attributes for some nodes do not show up in Attribute editor MAYA-101482
4-child compound array attribute displays incorrectly in the Attribute Editor MAYA-100623
Single frame cannot be set in bakeResults command MAYA-102630
HIK Control rig window is cropped MAYA-98600
FPS slowdown persists after removing callbacks MAYA-99208
Maya fails to open scenes containing attribute values of -1.#SNAN MAYA-87705
Fix the confusing EM State HUD to indicate if EM is doing parallel evaluation or not MAYA-105348
Hotbox controls set to animation only shows rigging and animation after restart MAYA-94720
Select curve tool errors if curves have the same shape name MAYA-105542
Time Editor : Undo split clip takes 5 tries to work when cache playback is disabled MAYA-105941
Add support of Graph Editor Overlay's isAutoRefresh function MAYA-108052
When the curve is displayed in a reduced size in the Graph Editor, keys outside the selection range are selected by the rectangle selection MAYA-107937
Unable to open Expression editor MAYA-85347
Cached Playback : 'getAttr' command slow to execute MAYA-102540
Playblast sends wrong parameters to external applications MAYA-102042
Time Editor : Muting Time Editor destroys unloaded referenced animation clip data MAYA-90094
Graph Editor : Selection is lost when isolating curve MAYA-99052
HIK : Auto key on layers causing HIK rig deformity MAYA-101891
Static input values not correctly evaluated MAYA-102525
Time Editor: Use common parent transform optionVar save/reset/create missing MAYA-103237
Deformers : Certain deformer labels are incorrect MAYA-105299
Time Editor : Use common parent transform fails to detect common parent if non-DAG node is in the selection MAYA-105174
Slowdown when keyframing multiple meshes in animation layers MAYA-100550
Rotate tool's "preserve children" behavior is incorrect MAYA-101967
MFnNurbsCurve.findParamFromLength() results not always consistent MAYA-106676
Merging animation layers deletes key-frames outside of the current time-slider range MAYA-103059
Maya crashes when .tpdt attribute is set MAYA-102242
Rivet fails when UV sets are not named "map1" MAYA-101812
HIK : Retargeting rig causes joint to flip MAYA-101993
Python 2: MItMeshFaceVertex fails to parse optional parameter MAYA-102895
Cached playback : Maya freezes when moving key in Graph Editor with specific sequence and hardware MAYA-102504
animlayers beginning with lower case letters create temp namespaces when referenced MAYA-92420
Slow off-frame context evaluation with animation layers MAYA-102870
Auto Key not keying correctly on animation layers MAYA-102201
Wrong component type on deformer crashes Maya MAYA-99956
findRelatedSkinCluster fails if name is not unique MAYA-103383
Time flag of cutKey is different between MEL and Python MAYA-103911
VP2.0 : Issue loading custom .mov file MAYA-104791
Pop-up Help keeps turning itself off when changing the playback direction MAYA-104718
Camera Sequencer : UI can become corrupted after inserting multiple tracks MAYA-105900
Time Slider : Move/Scale arrows are behind waveform MAYA-106320
DG : nCloth simulation is disabled if viewport Show > nCloth is toggled off MAYA-106567
toggleEvaluationManagerManipulation() method is missing MAYA-106585
cmds.deformer(type="wrap") command doesn't create source base MAYA-106200
MFnNurbsCurve.findParamFromLength() first result differs from second MAYA-106713
Incorrect deformer behavior with construction history in group tag mode MAYA-105127
Bookmarks : Adding a bookmark in Bookmark Manager doesn't undo correctly MAYA-107891
Bookmarks : Color becomes black when cancelling the palette MAYA-107892
Crash on playblast with error "Parameter was not found: view_transform" MAYA-100194
Crash exporting FBX file with animation Layers MAYA-102639
FBX : Exporting can cause incorrect behavior with animation that is not baked MAYA-99266
Channel Box history breaks on shared lattices MAYA-106418
jointOrient values are not preserved precisely when saving/loading MAYA-107411
MASH 35 times slower to build geometry in Maya 2020 compared to 2019 MAYA-105059
MFnAnimCurve causes keys to be displayed as 'altered' MAYA-104465
Full DAG Paths when exporting animation breaks on animImport MAYA-101011
Graph Editor : Hang with MFnNurbsCurve.findParamFromLength in plugin MAYA-95628
Time Editor : Crash when adding more then 127 single channel animated nodes MAYA-97198
Camera Sequencer : Shot disappears when deleting sequencer node in referenced scene MAYA-86860
Multiple clips selected when using Bake to Scene causes errors to appear MAYA-103840
Keying an Aim Constrained Camera in an Assembly corrupts the Assembly Edits MAYA-104887
Channel box stops refreshing with middle click drag on custom attributes MAYA-106174
Camera Sequencer loses audio sync when offset, source start/end of audio node are animated MAYA-103217
Nucleus does not evaluate in Maya 2020 DG mode when time is updated MAYA-106789
Time Editor : Additive clips are not blending correctly MAYA-107646
Graph Editor : "Only scale selected keys" in Scale Keys Tool not working MAYA-104069
Camera Sequencer : Shot Name is overwritten on import MAYA-105076
Unable to save Preferences > Framerate beyond 2fps MAYA-106312
Grab tool makes Blend shapes jump to approximated points when exiting tool MAYA-104746
Point-constrained transform nodes are deleted when constraint is deleted by "pointConstraint -rm" MAYA-104740
Parallel Evaluation : Geometry explodes into shapes starting from the freeFormFilletSrf node MAYA-105974
Linux : Allocated memory is not released, even after turning off caching or doing File > New MAYA-107059
Parallel Evaluation : Dynamic evaluation pruning triggers mini freeze at playback start/stop time MAYA-107358
keyTangent command behavior depends on whether or not a curve has keys MAYA-84007
Not possible to add skinCluster to geometry with inmesh connection in Maya 2020.3 MAYA-107472
Animation Performance
Ghosting: slow performance with certain character rigs MAYA-102454
Evaluation Manager manipulation does not dirty temporary values MAYA-103880
Delay at the beginning of playback while in DG evaluation mode and Viewport 2.0 MAYA-98741
Crash in scenes with nonlinear and sculpt GPU deformers MAYA-106139
Ghosting : Provide error around changing topology MAYA-106304
Cached Playback : Memory creep due to Image Planes MAYA-105273
Custom Plugin Attribute Not Triggering EM Manipulation MAYA-103476
Rig evaluation is slow, and dirty propagation occurs in Maya 2020.1 or later MAYA-105695
Visibility issues with IK/FK controllers MAYA-105443
Custom user attributes for SDKs not updating with MMB + Drag Manipulation MAYA-105772
Parallel Evaluation : Crash and corrupt file when saving character set data MAYA-95617
Crash with GPU deformer plug-in code MAYA-107071
Parallel Evaluation : Mesh does not update with outbound deferred reference node connection MAYA-107237
Maya hangs after animating rig with GPU override ON with GTX GPU MAYA-107473
Evaluation Toolkit: Printing scheduling type for a node is broken MAYA-104628
Cached Playback : HUD does not refresh with animated attributes MAYA-103389
Disabling manipulator visibility through channel box triggers dirty propagation MAYA-105166
Crash with GPU Override when using GPUBuiltInDeformer.so MAYA-108225
Crash filling cache on first background dynamics frame MAYA-107097
Parallel Evaluation : Graph Editor key not refreshed MAYA-105682
Manipulating keys not visible in Graph Editor window causes Maya to crash MAYA-105366
Cached Playback : Annotation is not updated during playback MAYA-104814
Memory leak in MGraphNodeIterator MAYA-106354
Cached Playback : Crash from parallel pull evaluation from the DG-EM boundary on first dynamics frame MAYA-106674
Motion Trails keys deletion breaks animated geometry MAYA-100345
Cached Playback : Crash running cache correctness test on sphere with ncloth MAYA-104345
recordAttr : doesn't record keyframes and esc does not work MAYA-98268
Custom evaluator is not registered if it's registered with priority that matches an existing evaluator's priority MAYA-102726
Cached Playback : Image Planes move incorrectly when rotating camera views MAYA-99295
Lag between creating a motion trail and its display in the viewport MAYA-98669
Profiler : Crash with more than 256 threads MAYA-101024
Merging animation layers is slower MAYA-101544
Custom Evaluator < Deformer causes rig to explode when enabled MAYA-95043
Parallel Evaluation : Make Curve Dynamic Crash in - awnSolver::nDynamicalComplex::comp_kdop_trees MAYA-96062
Dirty propagation happens when animating in the Graph Editor MAYA-101134
Paint Effects evaluation problem in Viewport 2.0 with Parallel Evaluation MAYA-103245
Nonlinear deformers do not work on the GPU due to inherent cycle MAYA-102114
DG Frame more expensive in EM mode vs DG mode MAYA-103721
Background Evaluation Crash in TpolyGeom::computeVertexNormals MAYA-101895
Parallel Evaluation: Crash when PaintFX are in the scene MAYA-97319
Pose not keyed properly in animation layer with auto key enabled MAYA-103357
Add Manip-Ready to EM State HUD MAYA-101048
EM manipulation not working when some channels do not have keys MAYA-104622
Parallel Evaluation : Shaders with Adaptive Displacement show poor performance MAYA-105071
Error thrown when browsing for a folder in Evaluation Toolkit > 08 Cycles > Full Graph > Output Folder MAYA-104970
Vector array data is not saved properly MAYA-104454
Crash when duplicating a custom node in a hidden layer MAYA-106273
Parallel Evaluation : Crash playing back scenes with concurrent unit conversions MAYA-105890
Update documentation to reflect that geomBind is not supported in batch mode MAYA-106147
Cache Correctness : Stepped Tangents with Prevent Frame Skipping Disabled and Smoothed Meshes MAYA-105194
Parallel Evaluation : Delay when moving clips in Time Editor when "Real Time Refresh" setting is turned off MAYA-108066
Crash when loading Profiler recording containing string longer than 1024 MAYA-106620
Manipulation is slow on deformer with a single key MAYA-107127
Parallel Evaluation : FKIK switch not working MAYA-106610
Isolate Select does not yield the same performance increase as hiding objects MAYA-107095
Proxy attributes on Evaluation Graph border nodes cause crash when frame advanced MAYA-103289
sendDirtyMessagesToClients takes long to evaluate MAYA-102798
Cached Playback : Maya 2012 rig opened in 2019/2020 exhibits skinning artifacts MAYA-103749
Parallel Evaluation : Animated override visibility is not handled correctly MAYA-106264
Edits in Graph Editor do not update in the viewport with python created rig MAYA-106443
Polyplane geometry crashes Maya MAYA-101813
Duplicate short object names cause error MAYA-90679
Crash when launching via terminal with -nosplash flag MAYA-104174
MSelectionList.getPlug() returns a plug for a selected component instead of NULL object MAYA-104128
MArgParser/MArgDatabase crash after copy MAYA-102946
PySide : QtCore.QWaitCondition() does not work on Linux. MAYA-88510
libAdskXgen.so exports rapidjson symbols, causes symbol conflicts MAYA-96012
API : OpenMaya.MImage.writeToFile error while writes om.MImage.kFloat format MAYA-97743
getAttr -type fails on attribute if it is added with -dataType flag and value is not set. MAYA-102715
OpenMaya function MItMeshVertex.getNormal crashes Maya MAYA-105916
shiboken2 is missing dependency libclang MAYA-106334
Crash when switching to "Python" generator for Type node MAYA-105796
MGlobal::setActiveSelectionList with kAddToList clears active selection list if an empty list is added MAYA-103924
circleNodeTest.py is not in the devkit MAYA-103079
Unloaded references do not reserve their namespaces MAYA-64489
Documentation for namespace -exists is incorrect MAYA-97592
3 extra zeroes get added to float values when editing in AE, if decimal separator is a comma (i.e. via German OS Region setting) MAYA-104438
Sample Code is incorrect in documentation for Creating Objects with MDagModifier MAYA-102741
MEL: artUserPaintCtx command error when using the flag -mappressure MAYA-56076
addDoubleLinear is missing from inputs of channel box MAYA-105548
Script Editor "History Output" optionVar is backwards (commandReporterSourceTypeFilter) MAYA-80771
Problems importing audio files that have filenames starting with numbers MAYA-92231
Dragging the points of a color ramp control created by "gradientControlNoAttr" changes the color in the control. MAYA-102876
Clean-up MThreadUtils API functions MAYA-103907
DevKit : Python plugin moveManip.py missing toolOffCleanup to clean up callback MAYA-97009
Make Script Editor fully support Unicode characters MAYA-102822
Command "about -osv" always returns "Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview" regardless of Win10 variants. MAYA-61806
Fatal error when closing floating windows (i.e. Hypershade) with interface at 125%. MAYA-105051
cmd.file throws exception after Maya 2018.4 when using mayapy MAYA-95471
OpenMaya.MSelectionList.getPlug() doesn't work with rotateAxis MAYA-103275
QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (Bad Window) errors in maya MAYA-87459
MFnNurbsSurface.closestPoint of Python API 2.0 can't be called with tolerance and space parameters MAYA-85102
limited precision when working with time in Maya through python MAYA-93338
Unable to save and reopen binary file containing a single large poly mesh MAYA-94990
File saved with exportSelectedStrict creates foster parent node MAYA-102132
24-bit audio files do not work on Linux MAYA-102662
Python 2.0: MFnMesh closestIntersection does not return what is documented MAYA-93295
Archiving a scene to ZIP does not add GLSL shader path MAYA-96097
Maya startup script does not set up LD_LIBRARY_PATH properly MAYA-102282
Some Qt libraries are missing from the 2020 devkit on Linux MAYA-102799
After importing Alias file, with ATF stitching turned on scene graph is wrong MAYA-102764
UUID value cannot be copied from AE MAYA-98704
Hypergraph Hierarchy: Cannot middle mouse button drag to change hierarchy MAYA-101995
maya/MIOStream.h is not included in MStatus.h MAYA-101065
Scripting: ls command does not recognize the undeletable flag MAYA-103817
QT 5.12: Python2 regression when overriding call method in classes derived from QtCore.QObject MAYA-102455
MFnNurbsCurve.createWithEditPoints() in Python 2.0 API has rational and uniform mixed up MAYA-103526
.NET API plugin examples do not load MAYA-102551
Catalina : Node Editor can cause viewport corruption if one panel is set to Node Editor MAYA-102748
Crash on unloadReference command after refresh MAYA-100237
MSceneMessage.addCheckFileCallback always returns False MAYA-103001
Error while importing Alembic files because of empty "fns" attribute value MAYA-103329
Attribute editor enum widgets are broken with negative values MAYA-102215
Loading pymel before loading PolyTools.so will cause Maya to crash MAYA-106012
Calling thisMObject from a MPxManipContainer crashes Maya MAYA-95907
Skip auto-saving if there is nothing changed in the scene since last saving or auto-saving. MAYA-104828
Numeric Input Field: Rename doesn't understand spaces MAYA-104290
Incorrect RUNPATH in Maya libs on Linux MAYA-106121
Maya crashes when clicking outside viewport smooth dialog MAYA-102600
Wrong object type is returned for MPointArray unsupported operand MAYA-105901
Maya Qt plugins/renderers plugins missing MAYA-109194
MFnMesh.anyIntersection crashes Maya after being called many times MAYA-109091
"workspace -pp" command instantly hangs Maya MAYA-104731
Maya startup script disables file globbing while using file globbing on Linux MAYA-101931
Maya crashes after an user install of PySide2 that interferes with Maya one MAYA-104043
Image format extension library(imf ) is missing MAYA-102833
If devkit plugin threadTestWithLocksCmd fails with MThreadPool::init(), MThreadPool::release () is unnecessary. MAYA-96147
mayapy crashes because of initialStartup.mel being called during file I/O MAYA-103307
Performance Settings window doesn't open with error. MAYA-105455
MEL command "about -macOSx86" incorrectly returns true on Windows MAYA-102701
Cannot load plug-ins named like "name.group.mll" via FileIO requires statement MAYA-93957
Python API 2.0 : MPxNode.legalConnection is unusable MAYA-108882
Can't change values in enum attribute in Channel Box if new value's index is equal to current value MAYA-109163
Unable to manually input numerical values with a dot or comma (OS language packages: Norwegian, Russian, etc) MAYA-102451
Outliner returns errors when using -selectCommand callback MAYA-103035
Changing values in the AE with CTRL+LMB is broken MAYA-104097
Qt code using QWindow::setFlags crashes Maya MAYA-101638
Fix devkit plugin node ID conflicts MAYA-105622
Error when searching in plugin manager MAYA-98655
mayapy script on Mac and Linux using wrong path for QT_PLUGIN_PATH MAYA-96458
Mac 10.15 : Can't select components in the UV Editor if The UV Editor is docked MAYA-101765
Error with File New after declaring $result variable MAYA-105282
Maya won't keep scene modified if it failed to overwrite an existing file MAYA-80188
Python API 1.0: Wrapping of MDoubleArray.set() has precision bug MAYA-86724
tbb header files are missing MAYA-100852
Importing some lib2to3 modules fails from within Maya MAYA-105438
MDagModifier deletes the parent if all children are deleted MAYA-100185
MArray disregards Python reference counting and crashes Maya MAYA-103873
Maya can't open compressed files with spaces in the filename MAYA-88889
Break connections also breaks proxy attributes in reference file MAYA-97990
No results are displayed when "remove Selected Edits" is executed in referenceEdit MAYA-107535
Parts of docked Hypershade UI (or AE) will be black or empty after UI operations MAYA-102631
Preferences can become corrupted if launching of prefs window errors MAYA-104727
Selective preload blocks sub-references from loading MAYA-105236
Change in behaviour with (QApplication.instance()) which will not return the same object type MAYA-103087
Sound is not playing correctly when changes are made to Audio Silence MAYA-106313
Excessive dataStructure statements in Script Editor when opening Maya file with metadata MAYA-108493
Default project "save as" directory changes MAYA-104863
PySide2.QtCore.QSettings.value returns None when value is 0 MAYA-105217
Referencing file with '#' in it's name or file path will disable namespace creation MAYA-104693
MFloatMatrix::inverse() returns wrong result in some cases MAYA-99549
Calling MSelectionList::getPlug() with some plugins fails with a TypeError MAYA-102073
API: M Array classes crash when too much data is added MAYA-102180
Double clicking on Preferences cancel button will cause error MAYA-106106
getAttr -multiIndices returning incorrect value on connected ramps MAYA-105798
Can't export editMA that does not contain any nodes MAYA-105850
Preferences window script defines a global Mel proc called "round" which conflicts with existing customer function MAYA-107475
Python API 2.0 : MPxContextCommand misses syntax() method for custom flags MAYA-108925
Output from mayapy is being routed through stderr rather than being split between stdout & stderr MAYA-103678
MDagMessage matrix modified callback is not called for local matrix changes MAYA-104218
deleteAttr command with -name flag returns error MAYA-92275
Improved error message about "invalid relationship participants". MAYA-91369
psdExport fails to work MAYA-107692
Current "Save As" path is not set if scene is opened from Recent Files MAYA-105893
Combo box remains active after selection in Attribute editor MAYA-107562
Printing from Python is in reversed order when not on the main thread MAYA-88832
Internal array of array attribute on plugin node can not be saved correctly MAYA-94394
Value of world matrix from transform node in worldMatrixChanged callback isn't correct MAYA-89164
Substance 2.0: Support new node type ""substanceNode" MAYA-101340
Maya crashes when hovering mouse over Toolbox with setup of GL version <= 2.0 MAYA-104322
MacOS : Low tumble performance with Help line visible MAYA-109047
Crash in MModelMessage after duplicate callback when doing second duplication MAYA-102458
Viewport 2.0 doesn't render at Native retina resolution on Mac MAYA-84152
Python API 2.0: MPxCommand.setResult always results in a returned list MAYA-107050
Legacy FX
3D Paint effects doesn't update in the viewport until orbiting the view MAYA-99224
Add Preserve UVs option to Target Weld tool MAYA-93372
crash using multi-cut tool MAYA-103202
Crash when trying to load scene that generates booleans MAYA-102587
List "ls" command does not list all control vertices MAYA-98698
Polymirror does not take pivot offset into account from older versions MAYA-98244
Shift-translate in Normal Axis Orientation mode crashes Maya MAYA-94953
Crash occurs after polyDelEdge MAYA-98645
Python API 2.0: MFnMesh getPolygonTriangleVertices crashes Maya with invalid polygonId or triangleId MAYA-93300
Modifying Bezier Tangents using component axis orientation breaks undo MAYA-96252
PaintFX: Painting multiple strokes in the Canvas can crash Maya MAYA-99231
Unfold3D does not work with Ryzen 9 3900x CPU MAYA-100356
Crash after trying to rotate UVs MAYA-106468
Remesh: Smooth strength destroys hard edges MAYA-101604
Unnecessary empty groups from Shape Editor get saved into the scene MAYA-92087
UV editor may break if shelfButton -label is set to a unicode string of more than 25 bytes MAYA-101441
Maya cannot load OBJ files with optional per-vertex color information MAYA-101755
Bevel on instances gives incorrect result. MAYA-99398
statusLine.mel is missing a global variable declaration, causing runtime errors MAYA-103347
Erroneous polygon vertex association for faces MAYA-103465
Display only selected UVs in the UV Editor when viewing connected faces MAYA-95516
Error when selecting UV sets with Auto-Load Textures enabled in scene containing same name objects MAYA-94597
Sculpt mode turns object black when using non default material shading MAYA-89956
Manipulators jump around when working with instances MAYA-55563
Shape Editor refreshes slowly when clearing filter MAYA-83753
Pivot axis orientation does not always match components on meshes with non-uniform scaling MAYA-97746
Mesh Display and Mesh menu action applied to groups work only on topmost item MAYA-105585
UV Editor does not display image paths with env variables MAYA-105453
UV directional move buttons disabled MAYA-108030
Adding deformer and deleting history breaks material assignment MAYA-105973
Flickering while using the Grab tool MAYA-102676
Extrude thickness offsets some vertices incorrectly MAYA-102032
UVs become corrupt on undo after polyDelEdge command MAYA-100808
UV Coordinate float fields don't respect Retain Component Spacing MAYA-108029
curveWarp Scale Curve and Twist Curve widgets are broken MAYA-109597
The rebuildCurve does not build curves with 2 spans MAYA-8690
UV Sets display error when number of shapes in the current selection exceeds 100 MAYA-91641
Moving two coinciding bezier handles flips them and breaks undo MAYA-83996
Artisan brush icon does not display when "Screen Projection" is enabled MAYA-90787
Motion Graphics
Crash when baking particle instancer MAYA-97126
MASH Help tab goes to 404 webpage MAYA-89722
MASH: Memory leak on Distribute Node MAYA-103264
MASH PileOfStuff.py example in Content Browser doesn't work MAYA-91865
MASH symmetry feature draws the wrong colors in the viewport MAYA-94285
Crash in MASH Caches Creator when "Number of Points" in MASH1_Distribute is animated. MAYA-106197
Crash when opening scene with MASH nodes in 2018.1 and later releases MAYA-107166
MASH network is slow when creating many instance types (IDs) and one instance per type in VP2.0 MAYA-77953
ShaderBallOrthoCamera1 error occurs when loading file with the Hypershade open if no UI script node is present MAYA-91786
3dPaint should allow texture larger than 4k MAYA-103363
German system language: broken value in the Render Settings Device/Pixel Aspect MAYA-104444
Error occurs the first time a material is assigned in non-English version of Maya MAYA-96083
Unable to import / export AOV's overrides inside Render Setup MAYA-101486
PSD files with duplicate layer names are not supported MAYA-102306
Render setup groups crash when replacing references MAYA-103385
When loading a Maya scene, OCIO colorspaces are incorrectly case-sensitive MAYA-102545
Render Setup Export/Import All doesn't work in Maya 2020.1 and later with 2019.2 scene (MtoA 4.2.1 is recommended to take advantage of this fix) MAYA-105078
CurveInfo node controlPoints attr returns None MAYA-96585
Paint Skin Weights tool conversion from face/edge to vertices only works when opening the tool for the first time MAYA-107283
Post deformation blendShape isn't applied with GPU deformer MAYA-109283
Paint Skin Weights tool selects all the vertices when opened through marking menu MAYA-107287
MFnSkinCluster.setWeights() causes a crash when skin cluster influence is a matrix node MAYA-106350
OpenMayaMPx.MPxDeformerNode does not update points MAYA-107003
Joint doesn't maintain world matrix MAYA-106391
Cannot edit a controller's left and right pick walk MAYA-102851
uvPin not writing out index 0 of coordinates MAYA-103091
softMod with Nurbs fails in Maya 2020 MAYA-103626
GPU: Lattice wont go on GPU when using subset MAYA-107610
Legacy viewport : Shapes do not draw properly with offsetparentmatrix MAYA-107256
Graph Editor: Regression when "Display Assets" setting is on MAYA-104709
composeMatrix's InputQuat attribute's short name changed from iq to oq MAYA-106701
Evaluation problem with uvPin MAYA-103149
Deformers : Applying non-linear deformers to hidden objects results in 0 scale MAYA-91301
Joint pivot values cannot be changed from 0 MAYA-99659
PoleVector calculations incorrect for Offset Parent Matrix placed joints MAYA-102842
Graph Editor : Playback performance regression when Graph Editor is open MAYA-102926
curveWarp scaleCurve doesn't update when driven through custom attributes MAYA-98910
BlendShapes: Target connections not working and causing crashing MAYA-102106
Graph Editor: Deleting a key causes all animation curves to be shown MAYA-102086
Graph Editor: Euler filter is not processing curves correctly MAYA-102302
Hold Matrix Node doesn't hold matrix MAYA-104805
Deleting Non-Deformer History also deletes deformer history in certain cases MAYA-104716
AimMatrix node flipping under certain conditions MAYA-103511
deformableShape returns unusable attribute paths MAYA-103648
Error when executing cmds.deformer(type='') with a selected mesh MAYA-106168
Proximity Pin: pinning locator is not created at pivot point (it's always centered) MAYA-105208
Rivet errors out on creation MAYA-105191
Cached Playback ignores changes to ikBlend value if caching starts with "0" MAYA-105255
Proximity wrap causes spikes on deformed geometry MAYA-106818
Maya freezes keying blendshape node MAYA-106385
Texture Deformer ignores UVs of nurbsSurface MAYA-109584
Rig control curves position is incorrect in DG after MMB-drag and key MAYA-92619
Hypergraph middle-click drag menu shows drag-outputs instead of drop-inputs MAYA-105483
Expanded asset moves when contained node is moved in hypergraph MAYA-105718
Error (cannot find procedure "onModelChange3dc") when loading a specific scene MAYA-86309
Dragging slider of an attribute on custom node will modify the attribute of previous selection MAYA-105056
extraLabel on intFieldGrp crashes Maya 100% when using a -cw defined uiTemplate MAYA-95524
Non-Editable textField cannot be copied MAYA-93286
Enum attributes are broken when labels have ":" (colon) symbols MAYA-106373
Channel Box doesn't displaying attributes correctly if "-smn" and "-smx" are set to the same value. MAYA-100101
Content Browser Help menu needs clean up MAYA-101051
Outliner highlighting incorrect when shapes are selected MAYA-18822
Node Editor: Nodes with constraints are overlapped in the Node Editor when displaying "Input and Output Connections" MAYA-99973
Mac only: Crash when closing a window while ToolClip is still displayed MAYA-76998
PySide2 : Refresh issue with custom workspace control if its parent set to Maya main window MAYA-89240
Unconnectable/unkeyable attributes still have "Set key" RMB context menu on Linux MAYA-105845
Script Editor : Strange syntax highlighting of "in" MAYA-100040
clicking in blank space in Node Editor does not deselect poly shape node MAYA-109185
XGen expression window does not open MAYA-102515
[GitHub 76] UFE : Translating Prim in objectSpace does not take into account its local rotation changes MAYA-103876
USD: Changing the pivot of USD objects keeps trying to snap in space MAYA-105345
UFE : Duplicate Smart Transform doesn't work as expected with USD data MAYA-95163
[GitHub 74] UFE : Outliner Syncing Issues ( Selection / Prims ) MAYA-103762
[GitHub 155] USD: Adsk Proxy does not draw by default when VP2_RENDER_DELEGATE_PROXY=1 is set MAYA-104544
Marquee selecting item sometimes will not select everything within the selection MAYA-94821
Maya Outliner: cannot rename UFE items in Outliner when hitting Enter MAYA-93737
[GitHub 607] pxrUsdPreviewSurface opacity support broken following PR #574 MAYA-105639
[GitHub 394] Import Translators will not read usdz when you drag and drop onto Maya MAYA-104134
[GitHub 460] loading scenes with many different materials is slow MAYA-105968
UFE: Outliner doesn't display child nodes under payload of prims marked as instanceable MAYA-103370
VP2RenderDelegate : Hiding proxy shape doesn't work MAYA-101852
VP2 Delegate : Duplicating ProxyShape Crash MAYA-101680
[GitHub 336] Importing files brings some geometry with incorrect translation MAYA-105624
VP2RenderDelegate: invalid offset for single-instanced rprims MAYA-101054
[GitHub #1020] Crash on Load and Existing Layer in Layer Editor when HIK plugin is not loaded MAYA-108960
VP2RenderDelegate: ProxyShape plays only once for animated USD mesh MAYA-102223
Crash when selecting after Proxy Shape was renamed MAYA-102361
USD: Maya reference seems to use pxrUSD, even if the reference was created using AL_USD MAYA-101980
Framing individual USD objects will "frame all" instead MAYA-102094
[GitHub 153] VP2RenderDelegate: Unable to select an instance if it is the only instance of a master in VP2 MAYA-102530
[GitHub 145] UFE: Duplicate Prim, then delete, then duplicate again fails MAYA-104509
UFE USD: outliner framing doesn't behave properly if the selected item is not fully expanded in the outliner MAYA-96174
[GitHub 285] proxyShape does not draw nodes with assigned purpose MAYA-104542
Crash when using translate tool with axis orientation set to "normal" MAYA-107352
USD UFE: duplicating proxyShape node will create an empty proxyShape without the children nodes. MAYA-102102
[Github 795] USDZ export writes paths that aren't inclusive to the usdz MAYA-107167
[GitHub 561] Imported USD objects can sometimes have flipped normals/faces MAYA-105623
View 'Select Camera' tool breaks if the camera has a child transform MAYA-106740
Invalid Undo result from script which causes objects to lose material MAYA-90617
MPxSubSceneOverride draws UI drawables in the wrong place MAYA-103706
make gpuCache selection work with MPxDrawOverride in OpenGL compatibility mode MAYA-104068
Image Plane created from script doesn't update without Attribute Editor open MAYA-93160
Selection to work with gpuCache using MPxDrawOverride in OpenGL Legacy MAYA-103776
Selection no longer respects backface culling with Viewport 2.0 MAYA-81771
Viewport performance is slow with many LOD groups MAYA-106353
Unable to query MShaderInstance::parameterType for sampler parameters MAYA-107954
ibl_brdf_lut.dds viewport rendering is broken MAYA-105023
imagePlane display broken in Legacy Viewport MAYA-104827
Rigging: 3+ seconds of lag with closestPointOnSurface nodes inherited from old scenes. MAYA-104962
DX11 : Meshes stop updating in the Viewport MAYA-105674
Transparency in VP2 shows incorrect behavior MAYA-105227
Incorrect and missing doc in Maya Help "Porting Selection from Viewport 1 to 2" MAYA-90373
MPxShaderOverride::handlesDraw is not working MAYA-100551
Sorting problem between transparent and opaque objects MAYA-104133
Selected faces not highlighted when VP2 Depth Peeling Transparency Algorithm and SSAO are both enabled MAYA-91423
Depth of Field doesn't work through transparent regions on image planes MAYA-95411
Image planes cause display issue with native Maya holdouts MAYA-97883
Maya hangs with image plane containing large negative frame offset MAYA-106142
MPxDrawOverride userSelect fails due to transform locale MAYA-106271
VP2 : Individual nParticles and particles are not selectable in viewport MAYA-107196
Scenes using devkit fileTexture node for displacement crash when loading MAYA-104462
Clicking "View Selected" in a floating Isolate Select window displays an error MAYA-105631
Crash while rendering swatch for shading group with specific shader plugin MAYA-102476
VP2 doesn't update with image planes that have custom attributes MAYA-104787
ConsolidateWorld crashes on Outliner node selection MAYA-108227
Unload/Reload Assembly leads to selection problems in Isolate Select mode MAYA-107006
layeredTexture with CPV has discrepancies between Legacy Viewport and VP2 MAYA-103468
VP2: Image Plane alpha sorting issue with Depth Peeling MAYA-86755
VP2: gl vertex attribute divisors change when adding a locator MAYA-104829
VP2: Paint Effects lag compared to Legacy viewport MAYA-105709
VP2: Built-in imagePlane flickers and crashes when editing frameOffset attribute MAYA-105524
Isolate Select IGS curves in VP2 is slow MAYA-105737
VP2 does not update properly with hierarchy changes in Isolate Select mode MAYA-104872
Cannot select mesh through object assigned to a display layer marked as reference MAYA-102825
MSceneRender::objectSetOverride() not working in Python MAYA-90488
MPxDrawOverride::userSelect sometimes returns incorrect view panel MAYA-94795
VP2 updates incorrectly on refresh=false time changes MAYA-87693
MDrawContext::getViewportDimensions() returns incorrect values with multiple viewports MAYA-101026
When more than one fluid shape node is instanced in the scene, only one of them is displayed correctly in VP2.0, the other ones are black MAYA-102184
Activating symmetry while using DirectX crashes sculpt tools MAYA-101429
Exiting using X then cancelling breaks Viewport update MAYA-101093
gpuCache frustum culling error in MPxDrawOverride mode MAYA-103064
In the DirectX viewport, selecting components after sculpting crashes Maya MAYA-101907
TIFF images cannot be rendered to 16 bit depth (only 8 bit is supported) MAYA-88792
Viewport Show Menu incorrect toggle of Hold-Outs MAYA-102188
Unsupported cube map format causes memory leak in parallel material mode MAYA-102142
After using a custom GLSL shader in a scene, File > New or Open file will crash MAYA-102198
cannot hide camera aim line MAYA-100636
Motion trail viewport artifacts when displaying Frame Crosses MAYA-101027
StingrayPBS shader does not work in OpenGL Core Profile render mode MAYA-100727
Camera Sequencer Image Plane Issues due to Isolate Select MAYA-103335
Maya freezes when creating a shader with the Hypershade docked MAYA-104347
cameraView command crashes Maya MAYA-107004
Image Planes overlap in VP2 in Camera Sequencer with Cached Playback off MAYA-108569
XGen slow rendering caused by TBB thread count limit MAYA-108078
Collection of classical XGen improvements MAYA-105104
XGen hair renders in the wrong position for a given frame MAYA-105168

Autodesk Maya is the creative 3D softwares used by animators across the world. It is animators favorite software as a 3D software can do multiple activities. Maya can be used to for realistic 3D animation , 3D modelling, realistic 3D environment , character formation and animation, visual effects and many other effects. Such effects and animation is used not only for animated movies but for news channels, television commercials, advertisements, manufacturing etc. Along with these industries video gaming industry is also leveraged by Autodesk Maya. Various modelling tools and its assembly helps to create realistic environment for games or even to create 3D models.

Hence Autodesk maya is the most important 3D software where breathtaking 3D models, scenes, 3D environment, visual effects(VFX), animation etc. can be created. Tools and various features in Maya helps to work on complex projects easily by enhancing production quality and creativity.

Maya 2022 introducing "full USD integration" and adding support for key pipeline technologies like Python 3 and OCIO 2.

There are also new features throughout Maya's toolset, including a Sweep Mesh system, new procedural rigging tools, a GPU-accelerated Morph deformer, and a new Ghosting Editor for animation.

Autodesk has also released Create VR, a separate concept design app for roughing out 3D forms in virtual reality, then exporting the results to Maya or other DCC software.

Maya 2022 was released as part of a wider series of updates to Autodesk's Media and Entertainment software, alongside 3ds Max 2022 and MotionBuilder 2022.

What's new in Maya 2022

Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk Maya
Version: 2022 with Offline Help *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC / macOs / Linux*
Size: 10.5 Gb






Free Download Autodesk Maya 2022 + Offline Help

Download file Rapidgator Download file DropApk Download file Nitroflare

(If the link to download the file is not available - let us know about it in the comments or via feedback form)

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